Curriculum Vitae

Hagai Segev, Curriculum Vitea, 2012

Curator of art, history and archeology, museum consultant

Education: History of Art, BA, General History
Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1987-1991

2012 Consulting and planning museums

Large Thematic Exhibitions

Beit Hatfutsot – Chief Curator

Light and Shadows – the Story of Iran and the Jews. The first ever exhibition on the history and culture of the Jews of Iran, Beit Hatfutsot

A-B-See-Doo children’s exhibition in the new family gallery on the theme of the Hebrew Alfa Beth, at Beit Hatfutsot

Judaica Twist, contemporary Judaica Design, 80 new designs of Judaica, Beit Hatfutsot

Eretz Israel Museum – Guest Curator

Clay, Sensation – The 5th Biennale for Israeli Ceramics, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. The major show of ceramic art in Israel (50 artists)

PeKA Gallery for Experimental Art and Architecture at the Technion, Haifa – Director

The Birth of Industrial Design in Israel, the first ever exhibition and research on the emergence of the profession of industrial design in Israel. The PeKA Gallery, Technion, Haifa.

Independent curator

In the name of protest, 60 years of Israeli photography of protest, Beit Avi Chai, Culture Center, Jerusalem.

Beyond Richness, a New Narrative in Israeli Art. A large thematic show on the way the Israeli society and art reflect the changes which have occurred in Israeli culture in regards to wealth and richness. 16 artists, The Nechushtan Museum at Kibbutz Ashdod Yaakov. (Catalog)

A Rich Seam, a second extended chapter of the Beyond Richness exhibition, The Petach Tikva Museum of Art (Catalog)

Time-Sharing: Visual dialogue of secular, religious and charedi artists with Jewish culture, Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem. Exhibition and catalog (exhibited in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv)

Gender Bents – Shades of Sexual Identity, The Artists’ House Jerusalem. Group exhibition of 15 Israeli artists dealing with a variety of sexual identities. Catalog and article.

Guest Curator at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Employed in the Department of Archeology and in the Department of Prints and Drawings.

Exhibitions at the Israel Museum:
Italy of the Etruscans – Art and Archeology from Etruria (400 objects and an academic publication)
Marc Chagall – Early years in Russia (Catalog)
Jerusalem – 3000 Years of History – combined exhibition of art and archeology about the city and its history based on the stories of major leaders from King David through Jesus to Teddy Kollek.

Museum Planning

Planning of the Netanya City Museum

Planning and implementing the conceptual changes of Beit Hatfutsot from the Museum of the Diaspora to the Museum of the Jewish People

Planning of the renovation of the Ramat Gan History Museum

Planning and writing the museum program for the Um-El-Fahem future museum of contemporary art – the first art museum in the Arab sector of Israel

Member of the steering committee, Ashdod Museum of Art

Planning of the Palmachim Museum of Archeology, renovations and plans for museum expansion.

Planning, curating and installing a sculpture and archeology park in the Beit Berl College near Tel Aviv, in collaboration with the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Planning a new program and renovation for the Caesarea Museum of Archaeology.
Special Projects

Teaching curatorship and museum studies at the museum studies program of the Tel Aviv University.

Editor of an Israeli industrial design book – Improvisation – New Design in Israel, by Mel Byars, Tel Aviv University Press, 200 pages.

2002-2003, 2007-2008
Owner and director of an independent Art Gallery – Seemann Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv.

Establishing and directing a curator and museum studies course for the Technion External Studies program. Writing and planning a two-year curriculum and teaching courses.

Advisor to the Israeli Art Association (Omanut La’am) on the advancement of art galleries in small towns around the country. Establishing 4 rural art galleries in Arab towns and underdeveloped Jewish towns.

2005, 2007
Initiation and production of an art book fair at the Reading art festival, Tel Aviv (twice)

Public Activities

  • Member in the editorial board of Domus Design, the Israeli edition of the international design and architectural magazine based in Italy
  • Member of ICOM – International Committee of Museums (UNESCO)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of ICOM, Israel
  • Member of AICA – The International Association of Art Critics (UNESCO)
  • Member of various award giving committees for the Ministry of Culture

Writing and Editing

  • Written numerous articles and critics about exhibitions, cultural events, museum issues, etc.
  • All the exhibitions listed have been accompanied by texts and commentaries.
  • Contributing on a regular basis to art publications in Israel and internationally, online and in print.
  • Edited design books and magazines on art, design and ceramic art.

Solo exhibitions for artists

  • Curated numerous solo exhibitions for leading and emerging artists in galleries and museums throughout Israel.